The Philadelphian Pronunciation of Water.

Example: "Mom, may I please have some Wooder Ice?" 

About US

Wooder Works is a production company started by Writer/Director Andrew Catania and Producer T.J. Bryson. Established in 2012, the company has created and collaborated on such projects as Head in the Clouds, To The Death!, The Request, Out for Vengeance, and Comic Company. With a group of talented filmmakers, Wooder Works continues to grow.



Directors - We enjoy watching actors bring words to life. 

Writers - We like creating worlds from scratch.

Producers - Let's make this thing! 

Cinematographers - We can't stop shooting.


Andrew Catania

Andrew Catania

ANDREW CATANIA - Writer, Director, & Producer

Andrew Catania is a writer, director, and cinematographer from Kennett Square, PA. Ever since he was making shorts in high school, Andrew knew he wanted to pursue a career in filmmaking. During his career at Drexel University and in Philadelphia, Andrew worked on hundreds of student films, television, and independent projects. During his tenure, he directed various films, including Cause and Effect, Now I Can Sleep, Run to Win, and Out for Vengeance; which, was the winner of the Oregon Film Awards and LA Comedy Film Festival. Andrew's television and web series credits include; The Jimmy James Show, Comic Company, and Drexel University's Emmy Award winning sitcom Off Campus; which, Andrew was a supervising producer and lead director. Off Campus Episodes 2, 3, and 4 were all nominated for the Student Regional Emmy’s; winning for Episodes 2 and 4. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2013, Andrew has directed such shorts as Head in the Clouds, To The Death!, The Day After, Freakout, and The Request. Andrew is currently working on developing more projects and plans to continue to write and direct, no matter how many people turn him down. 


Check out Andrew's Alumni Interview for Drexel:



T.J. Bryson

T.J. Bryson

T.J. BRYSON - Writer & Producer

Born in the small town of Atco, NJ, T.J. Bryson spent his four years of higher education at Drexel University earning a BS in Film and Video. His career at Drexel was highlighted his senior year when he was Supervising Producer of the Regional Emmy Award Winning sitcom Off Campus. Upon graduating from Drexel, work has brought him across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, California and Louisiana. He has experience working in features, scripted television, and non‐scripted television. Creator of the name Wooder Works itself, TJ's creative mind insures that the company is never short of new ideas. TJ is responsible for such projects as Finish What You Started and Will Work for Tix as well as creatively producing on all Wooder Work's projects.  



Chris Ready

Chris Ready

CHRIS READY - Actor & Writer

Chris Ready was born in Philadelphia, PA and has been a part of Wooder Works since the beginning. Chris is an avid actor and writer known to his peers as the "idea man." He's produced projects like The Request and The Day After, but you can find him acting in almost every short the company makes. Andrew and Chris met on Drexel University's TV Show Off Campus and since the day Chris pitched Run to Win, the duo has been making short films under the co-production name Warm Milk Productions.

Ralph Tedesco

Ralph Tedesco

RALPH TEDESCO - Actor & Writer

Ralph Tedesco is another member of Warm Milk Productions and a frequent collaborator of Wooder Works. From Philadelphia, PA; Ralph is the co-owner of Zenescope Entertainment, the subject of the Comic Company series created in 2013. Ralph's writing credits include Run to Win, Comic Company, and Out for Vengeance; where you can also find him as a co-starring actor. Since their first meeting on Run to Win, Ralph has continued to develop projects from script to screen. 





2010-2012: Andrew was the lead director and supervising producer of Drexel University's TV Sitcom, Off Campus. It was nominated for 3 Emmy Awards, winning twice (Eps. 2 & 4). Chris Ready had a starring role on the show from Season 1 to 4 and TJ Bryson became Supervising Producer during Season 5. The show has also aired on CW Philly, where it played behind It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

2012: Out for Vengeance was screened during the first ever Night of Short Films in Philadelphia, PA. It was the main event of the night and helped spawn the Night of Short Films event; a festival at The Troc. 

2013: Out for Vengeance was also accepted into the LA Indie Film Festival, Oregon Film Festival; where it won a Gold Award, and the LA Comedy Film Festival where it took the award for best short film & winner of the Greenhouse Studios Award. 

2015: Comic Company, a web series that was co-created with Ralph Tedesco at Zenescope Entertainment, won the 2015 Tucson Comic Con for best web series.  

2016: The Request, a short film co-written and produced with Chris Ready, was selected into the 2016 Playhouse West Film Festival. 

2017: Andrew produced the Above Average web-series The Thin White Walls on behalf of Daughter & Sons, another LA based Production Company. 

2017: Andrew produced a music video for artist Ty Segall entitled Break a Guitar, starring Jack Black, Fred Armisen, and Henry Rollins.

2017: Head in the Clouds was accepted into the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase for its premiere. 


Other Interests

We love baseball. And we love Philadelphia.

But, most importantly, we love Philadelphia Baseball.

The Phillie Phanatic is a known fan of Wooder Works. His favorite film is Out for Vengeance. 

We also enjoy a glass of Warm Milk before bedtime. 


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